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Muslim fashion (Photo: tribunnews.com)

Indonesia as the Mecca of World’s Muslim Fashion

OurIndonesia – Indonesia has set its goal to be the Mecca of Muslim fashion by 2020. There are many reasons behind this vision. First, Indonesia is a country which population is predominantly Muslim (85.2%). Second, Indonesia has lots of creative people specialized in Muslim fashion (modest fashion).

Third, it has hijabers communities (veil-wearing women communities) that inspire many new Muslim fashion designers in Indonesia feature more playful and interesting fashion ensembles with various color pallets and striking prints –that make Muslim fashion in Indonesia more stylish and far from monotonous look.

Muslim fashion started trending in the last few years, as the number of hijab users significantly increased. The growing statistic of hijab wearers had opened opportunities in sharia fashion market. Some of Indonesia’s top designers see the needs of hijab-wearing Muslim women to dress fashionably.

On the other side of the globe, this year, high end brands are launching their modest wear. DKNY launched its Ramadhan Collection that is sold exclusively in the Middle East. Karl Lagerfeld also carry Chanel collection 2015 cruise collection for display in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Those are proofs that Muslim world can be a massive potential market for fashion.

Veil-wearing women communities are certainly taking a very important role in encouraging Indonesia’s vision as the center of Muslim fashion trend. These communities gave birth to many Muslim fashion shows, Muslim fashion bloggers, Muslim-fashion instagram celebrities, websites, online shopping sites, best selling books, magazines, and everything that allows the hijab communities gaining Muslim fashion style references. This phenomenon had led many young enterpreneurs interested to invest in Muslim fashion, especially after seeing how Muslim fashion sales peak around Ramadhan.

Dian Pelangi, a talented young designer graduated from ESMOD fashion college, is known as the pioneer of Muslim fashion in Indonesia. Beside a successful Muslim fashion designer, Dian Pelangi is also a model, instagram celebrity, and the author of a best-selling Muslim fashion book. Representing Muslim fashion trend setter, from Paris to New York, she travels around the globe to promote Muslim fashion to a wider market.

Long before Dian Pelangi success story, Indonesia’s Muslim fashion had Ida Royani, now 70 years old, a successful actress who once shocked Indonesia’s entertainment world by deciding to wear hijab and opening Muslim clothing line at the peak of her career. When Ida opened her Muslim fashion line, there were not many people interested in wearing Muslim clothing as daily wear. But she did it, and now she has been productively designing for about 45 years in Indonesia’s Muslim fashion industry.

In a release from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Indonesia, similarly, there are around 1.5 million Muslims in the UK in 2012, and Muslim fashion trade is estimated 150 million US dollars a year. With the total Muslim population reaching 16 million, Muslim fashion trade turnover in Europe has reached 1.5 billion US dollars per year.

The potential statistic for Muslim fashion is enormous, and the current Muslim fashion has become an important part of Indonesia’s annual big fashion events like Jakarta Fashion Week and Indonesia Fashion Week, where more and more Muslim fashion designers are involved.

Some established fashion brands even launched special Muslim collections to the market, as Muslim fashion market became a very promising potential amid the competitive fashion industry.

For Muslim fashion retailers, Tanah Abang is the largest Muslim fashion wholesale center of Southeast Asia. Another Muslim fashion wholesale store is Thamrin City. Today, it is very easy to find Muslim fashion shops and stores in every department stores in Indonesia. FX Entertainment Center, a fancy department store in Jakarta, is working on a serious Muslim fashion for the upper market.

Indonesia’s International Islamic Fashion Fair had helped Indonesia to strengthen its position as Muslim fashion center in the world. The participation of many senior designers in Muslim fashion and the emergence of lots of brave young Muslim fashion designers who dare to explore their Muslim fashion designs and styles, will greatly help to enhance the competitiveness of world’s Muslim fashion market in the future.

In addition to that, supported by people’s purchasing power, social media as a medium of endorsement could improve the quality of Muslim fashion products: an important factor of the sustainability of this Muslim fashion industry.

Next, let’s see if Indonesia’s vision to be the Mecca of Muslim fashion within five years can be achieved.