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Welcome to Our Indonesia

Welcome to Our Indonesia !

OurIndonesia is an ambitious project that started from a dream. I dreamt of having a web portal where someone can access and explore anything about Indonesia. As a growing country with an increasingly significant number of internet users, Indonesia should have a website with good and informative contents. There are indeed several websites that contain information about Indonesia. But, most of them scattered in some places and mostly focused on one particular issue.

A project like this certainly needs a hard work. It requires an enormous energy to collect and manage the contents. For this purpose, I have invited several numbers of my friends, scholars and intellectuals, writers and bloggers, to contribute to this website. And I keep asking anyone interrested and care about Indonesia to contribute to the website. If you have something to write, please consider OurIndonesia.

I have designed this website not as a news portal, like some existing media. I want to make it rather as a database website where timeless articles and thematic information dominate its contents. My obsession is to have a complete database about Indonesia, from government, business, society, and everything about the country.

“Indonesia” is one of the most searched topic in the Google search engine. As shown in a graph below, there is an increasing query about Indonesia in the past five years. It is interesting to note that people are looking for Indonesia more than Bali, Jakarta, or even the most important person in the country.

Indonesia compared to other topics in Google.

Indonesia compared to other topics in Google.

People are curious about Indonesia for many reasons. Some of them might go to Google for the purpose of travelling; some other for a business matter, visiting a friend, or just googling it for writing a paper. Whatever the reason, people need information, people want to know more about Indonesia. And the fastest way to do it is through Google.

OurIndonesia comes to fill the gap in the content industry. There is a growing demand of English contents about Indonesia; yet unfortunately it is not followed by the growth of contents and their quality. Contents about Indonesia in Indonesian language are quite many compared to the one in English. This is fairly understood as most Indonesians use their mother language on the internet. We need more English contents about Indonesia. We need more websites that speak English.

I have classified this website into several categories, which are mostly quite common, ranging from economy, politics, law, education, entertainment, religion, arts, travel, and sports. However, there is one category that I create and dedicate specifically to scholars on Indonesia (usually dubbed as “Indonesianist”). I call it “Indonesiana.” I hereby invite all scholars on Indonesia, wherever they are, to kindly contribute and write for this website.

Salam !

Luthfi Assyaukanie