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Hidden Beaches in Central Sulawesi

OurIndonesia – Good news for all of you beach lovers! Whether you are domestic travelers or globe trotters, be ready to embrace a jaw-dropping experience in Pantai Barat, Central Sulawesi. You may have heard of Bali, Lombok and Raja Ampat, but trust me, Indonesia has a lot more to offer. Around Pantai Barat, you can go to places like Labuana, Pantai Kucing, and Bambarano. Of those places, I can say –I am not exaggerating– they are the most exquisite and tranquil virgin beaches no one could ever imagine.

These beaches aren’t familiar for many people, even for those who are living nearby. I can totally say that the three beaches are way different from other well-known beaches in Indonesia, because these beaches aren’t managed (yet) by the local government. Thus, the original, virgin, and “untouched” nature may be the best part for you who are longing for immaculate calm.

Besides, you don‘t need to pay any retribution/ticket to enter these beaches, all of your entire trips are gratis (free). And the most important part of those beaches are: the are no garbage along the seashore. Which is good, isn’t it?

When Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat and other well-known beaches in Indonesia have successfully made people around the world keep coming for their beauty, these beaches offer you a better taste. If you are lucky, you will see the mist swirls around on these beaches like an albatross, creating an abstract ‘periscope’ right when the twilight comes. Even piffle could be vanquished by the exquisite reverie illuminated by the mist around these beaches.

The trip to Labuana takes two hours from the town. You can find Labuana after passing through the hills covering the beach. The coconut trees, the white sands, the old pier, and the turquoise water will be your greatest presents afterwards. You are going to be delighted by how the colours of the sky and the clouds reflected on the turquoise water.

Another beach, Bambarano, takes an hour longer than the trip to Labuana. This place is actually quite spooky, for you have to pass the hills and the old cemetery. After that, you will see the small river where the beach directly connected to. At the corner of the beach stretch tall trees forming a large walls. The trees are reflected beautifully on the sea in the afternoon.

Also, the waves! Bambarano’s waves are heaven for surfers! When in Bambano, you don’t need to worry about logistics/foods. Locals are selling tons of fresh fish along the streets. And guess what? The price of the fish is very much economical! You, again and again, will get many surprises from this beach. It is a perfect place to camp with your comrades!

Pantai Kucing is one of the newest tourism spots people of Palu have just discovered. It was found around three months ago by some university students who went to the Eastern side of Palu. “We wanted to go to Marantale, a waterfall that has been the talk of the town lately. And then we got lost, and after roaming around for two hours, we found the so-called Pantai Kucing,” said one of the students.

Pantai Kucing actually means cat’s beach, and until now, no one (even local people!) ever knows the reason why the place is called so. Locals added that there is no particular species of cat or suspicious number of cats living in this beach. It just happened to be called so. Pantai Kucing is quite different from the two aforementioned beaches for this beach is full of beautiful corals and reefs, indeed one of the greatest places to take a perfect selfie, and get relaxed!