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Sri Mulyani (Photo: Bloomberg.com)

Sri Mulyani

OurIndonesia – Her full name is Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Arguably the best and the most popular Minister of Finance in the Post-Soeharto era. She was born in Bandar Lampung in 26 August 1962. She studied Economics in the University of Indoenesia and completed her PhD in the University of Illinois at Ubaran-Champaign in 1992. After returning to her country, Sri Mulyani was teaching in her almamater and was appointed as  head of the Institute for Economics and Social Research (LPEM).

She was appoined as Minister of Finance in 2005 during the first term of Yudhoyono’s presidency. Her name rocketed as she boosted Indonesian economy into 6,6%, the highest since the financial crisishit the country  in 1997. For her achievements, Sri Mulyani has been named as the most influential woman in the world (No. 23) according to Forbes and the most powerful woman in Indonesia (No 2). In 2006, the World Bank and IMF named her as the best Minister of Finance in Asia.

Sri Mulyani was known for her uncompromising attitude against corruption and tax evation. She instructed an investigation of massive tax fraud in the Bakrie Group, a move that angered Abu Rizal Bakrie, the owner of Bakrie Group and the chairman of Golkar Party. In 2008, Golkar was the party behind the accusation against Sri Mulyani in the case of a bailout of Bank Century, a political move that led to Sri Mulyani’s resignation. Several days after her resignation, World Bank offered her a position of director, a position that she assumed until now. (LA)