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Susi Pudjiastuti (Photo: Swaragamafm.com

Susi Pudjiastuti

OurIndonesia – She comes as if from nowhere. No one seems to give attention before she was appointed as a minister in president Joko Widodo’s cabinet. Her assignment as minister was full of controversy, not because she was incompetent, but simply because, among other things, she did not pass her high school. The way she exposed herself as a liberal woman made the resistance against her was even bigger. Remarkably, she did not give up with all those criticisms. In fact, she showed her honesty and hard work. It works. Five months after assuming her office, Susi Pudjiastuti is one of the best and most successful ministers in the Jokowi cabinet.

She was born in Pangandaran, West Java, on 20 January 1965, from a middle-class family. Her parents had a quite successful business in real estate and livestock trade. Very much aware of the importance of education, her father sent her to Yogyakarta, to study in one of the best schools there. She was not very happy with the school system, which led her to make a decision to quite from the school. The decision raised her father’s anger and felt into long dissapointment. She then started to try a business, doing trade.

After several times failed, Susi Pudjiastuti was finally settling her business. In the mid 1990s, she started to extent her business in fishery and marine products. He built his own company named PT ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product, under which she exported her commodities to the US and Europe. To support the distribution of her products, she bought an aeroplane, a move that inspired her to build another company in aviation. She is now one of the biggest player in the aviation industry.

Perhaps looking at her impressive success in manager her own company, President Joko Widodo was attracted to invite her to the presidential palace and appointed her as Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. (LA)